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HR and Office Manager

London | £40-45K/year | Ref. VAC28502

Our client is a leading financial services firm that are pioneers in finding solutions that allow us to live seamlessly in a modern age where connectivity is key. They are looking for an outstanding, highly organised and experienced HR and Office Manager in their European headquarters who will not only look after their staff and new recruits but ensure the smooth running of their office. You will hold a key role in making sure the company continues to flourish.



As the HR and Office Manager you’ll assist with recruiting new staff and the induction process by preparing employee contracts and conducting regular performance reviews. You will help develop the careers of those in the company and be the first point of contact for any issues that may arise. You’ll manage payroll, any data protection issues, organise pension contributions and sort out insurance for staff. There will also be some expertise in IT implementation required. As a highly valued member of the company, you’ll be at the centre of maintaining and improving company policies and help with IT troubleshooting with support from the IT department.


  • You will be working in a modern and chic office in the centre of the City of London so you’ll have no issues getting to and from work.
  • You’ll be paid £40 – 45k, depending on experience
  • You and your colleagues will be at the forefront of modernising infrastructure in the UK for the public good.


Not everyone can be an HR and Office Manager. To be seriously considered, please be aware that we are looking for people with:

  • Experience: At least 3 years in a similar role with comparable responsibilities.
  • Education: University educated is preferred but a long career in the field of Office Management/HR will be considered.
  •  IT implementation knowledge
  • Skills: You must be excellent at juggling multiple tasks in one go and someone who is empathetic towards the needs of your colleagues. You must have a thorough understanding of what makes an effective HR/Office Manager.
  • Characteristics: This is a managerial role so you must be self-sufficient and self-motivated. It’s also a highly respected role and how you work will contribute to the success of the company
  • Experience of working in a Japanese office is a bonus.




HUMAN RESOURCES LEAD in the office: assisting recruitment and paperwork, performance reviews, career development plans, first point of contact for any issues in the office.

IMPROVING company policies including for business travel, purchasing, the company handbook

MANAGING payroll, state & company pension, staff calendars, insurance, sorting visas for staff

COMMUNICATING with head office, lawyers, UK governmental departments

FIXING any IT related issues in the office with the support of the IT help team (laptops, printers, copiers)

Every six months, you will assist with our client’s self-auditing scheme and help bring about any changes that are recommended in these audits.

You’ll also be expected to assist with the budgeting and with the planned introduction of a new Document Management System.


Required knowledge

  • Microsoft Office (including Outlook and Excel)
  • Payroll software
  • IT implementation skills
  • Office hardware (printers/scanners/computer know-how)


If you think you might be a perfect candidate for the role, please email with your CV with the subject line: HR and Office Manager or apply on our webiste.