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IT, Telecom

Information Security Architect

London | 42K/Year, negotiable | Ref. VAC13595


Our client is a highly respected global telecommunications company which is headquartered in Japan. They are renowned for being an innovative firm that constantly strives to introduce new or improved technologies to improve connectivity for their customers.   As an Information Security Architect, you will hold a vital role in fighting any threats posed to the company and you will be a highly valued member of the team. You will help draft and implement new policies and procedures for our client and their customers and follow the current trends in Information Security.  Our client is currently recruiting for an experienced Information Security Architect to work at their London offices.  The Salary is £42,000 per annum, dependant on experience.  


The job holder will ensure Information Security (IS) compliance and that the business conduct of the company is in line with current policies and legal requirements. They will also strive to reduce the probability of cyber incidents, which could have a substantial impact on the company’s business operations, reputation, and customers.

Although Japanese language skills are not essential,  experience within an international environment (particularly with Japanese staff) would be a plus


Job description:

  • Analyse internal and branch offices Information Security strategies, policies, procedures, etc., and implement them in the UK as well as Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey and Russia (the group’s other branches).
  • Monitor and report all Information Security issues internally, the group companies abroad, and to the headquarters in Tokyo.
  • Proactively lead the Incident Management processes to restore a normal service operation as quickly as possible to minimise the impact on business operations.
  • Work closely with the customers and provide support on all Information Security issues including revision of policies and practices and provide customers with advice for improvement.
  • Communicate to customers the impact of any Information Security threats and assist them with the implementation of new or revised procedures and/or Information Security plans to meet their needs.
  • Conduct internal and customer audits, provide all parties with guidance on IS and changing trends and legislation.
  • Be the first point of contact to all Information Security related inquiries from staff and customers.
  • Actively participate in IT Risk Assessment by identifying and cataloguing information assets, identifying threats and vulnerabilities, analysing internal controls, determining the likelihood of an incident occurring again, assessing the impact the threat may have on business operations, prioritising risks to Information Security and designing controls.
  • Design, implement, and review internal and external system security assessment support.
  • Systematically assess internal and the group companies Information Security management processes in line with the ISO 27001 certification through internal audits.
  • Revision of customers ISO 27001 if necessary.
  • Review, assess, and audit new and existing suppliers.
  • Design and implement Information Security training for the company’s and the group companies as well as customers if necessary.
  • Provide Information Security induction and training to new employees and expatriates.



  • ISO 27001:2013 management experience
  • General IT security knowledge such as (D)DOS, BEC, APT, SPF, IDP, PKI and E2EE
  • General IT system experience such as AD, DNS, Email, DB and Firewall
  • General IT understanding such as Windows event log, system audit log, domain records, authentication, L2/L3 networking and remote access


Information Security or IT certifications such as ISO auditor, implementor, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CCNA etc
Experience within a Japanese office environment


  • Salary – ~£42,000 per annum, depending on experience
  • Benefits – Travel expense (within London) provided, other competitive benefits are available
  • Location – City of London